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Elimination Episode
  Mimi gasped and David smirked. The whole world immediately tuned blank white. The only people in that blank world was Mimi and David. They both were about 507 feet apart and they ran to each other screaming. In the background all you could hear was the screams of the other contestants but you could not put the screams to the faces. Only ones, Ceci's  because she had a super high pitch scream for one she was the youngest girl and she is in choir. Mimi and David covered their ears and fell to there knee's it felt as if the creators or game makers were turning up the volume in the studio. Mimi pierced her eyes tight so hard it felt like a needle was pinning her eye lids shut. David un-cuffed his hands from his ears, stood up and laughed while he walked in a circle with his hands out stretched like a cross. "Lovely! Lovely!"David screamed. "What you say!"Mimi yelled back not even hearing a word David said. Then the screams stopped and it was silent as a rock.
  Mimi screamed loud when an immediate invisible force picked her quickly up off the bright white and blank floor. Mimi waved her hands and legs everywhere, the force was grabbing at her throat choking her. Then another force quickly began to pull at her legs stretching them far out making her legs do the splits in mid air. Mimi choked and began to cough up blood while some invisible spear shot into her abdomen, you could tell because just a circle of blood was on her abdomen and a dent in her abdomen.
  David smirked half scared and half excited at the crazy sight of Mimi. "Ha ha no way."He said pointing at Mimi. Then the force a her throat snapped her painfully because you could hear the breaking of bone, the force at her legs ripped them apart letting the blood stain the blank space and David's face. Derik did a weird, fake scream and then felt the dark red blood on his face. He looked at his hands and her blood was all his hands making it seem like he had dipped his hands too long in red Easter egg dye.
The force dropped her now decapitated body and was not felt again.
David smiled a little, shrugged his shoulders, brought his hand up to his face and licked the blood off of his hands.
  Then suddenly a circle of fire appeared around Mimi's scattered body and line went two times vertically across the circle. Forming and X, for eliminated.
"Elimination Completely made by the viewers, Mimi Jenkins age 24 and now dead! Have a nice week America, where bringing someone to our show! Watch Your Back!"

What up Devi's yeah how are you Yep sorry I deleted Mimi sorry for not telling you when I was going to post this. Yeah hope you like it!"He he and watch your back!
Eliminations yep that like awsome i can not belive most of you like David a lot if i didnt have so many responces you know, "Peace Out David."
But anyways thanks for the response and read my journal its about this three episodes tto come a new character will come and im gonna have a contest soon so keep to dat
Watch Yo Back!
go to it if you have not.
:wtf: you are probally thinking
oh new series comming up updates on that commin soon!

Oh yeah David going Vampire. :wtf:
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September 14, 2012
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